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Friday Fitness Inspiration

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Three Things Thursday: Lightning Storms, Arm Warmers and Needing Advice

1) Last night I ran my track workout in a lightning storm. I don’t really recommend this.  The weather has been nothing but gray and drizzly lately.  I knew there wasn’t going to be great weather but I wanted to get my workout in.  When I got to the track it started raining lightly, which…

A Rainy Run and Planning a Chilly Weekend Run

Last night, I dragged my recently-very-lazy self out for a 2 mile run in the rain.  For some reason, the rain was actually a motivating factor.  Maybe it was because it was something just a tiny bit different or maybe it was because I had every intention of taking it really slowly, but I made…

Clarendon Day 5K – The 2 Minute 5K PR!

Last summer, when I decided to do the Couch to 5K program, I picked the Clarendon Day 5K as my goal race.  I loved this race: a really fun downhill race that goes from the Clarendon neighborhood to Rosslyn in Arlington.  I was so excited to run it again and see how I’ve improved over…

Friday Fitness Inspiration

Friday Fitness Inspiration – brought to you by major 5k excitement! Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!