A Rainy Run and the World’s Worst Spin Class

As DC continues to experience unseasonably warm weather, I continue to take advantage of it.  On Wednesday afternoon, I headed out for a lunch time run in shorts and a t-shirt. Shorts in December!! It was 60 degrees… and pouring rain.  But it was absolutely worth it.  I did the same loop I ran earlier in the week, from my office down the Mall to the Capitol and  back.  It’s just under 4 miles and the tourists were looking at me like I was certifiable the whole time.  I ran consistent positive splits…whoops.  9:40, 10:16, 10:38, and 10:43.  I should mention that the route is downhill on the way out and uphill but still.

Then I went back to my office with totally wet hair. No one even asked.

Yesterday started my 5 day weekend.  I celebrated by hitting the pool for my first swim in two weeks. How did that even happen? I signed up for lessons and then just couldn’t manage to drag myself to the pool.  It’s like I know the lessons are coming so I’ve been less motivated.   But I went and got 1200 yards in. I wore a swim cap for the first time and I feel like it contributed to buckets of water getting stuck in my right ear. Yes, I’ve been swimming without a swim cap. I think there’s no point because it doesn’t keep my hair dry. But now I have a cute blue one with pink flowers. My hair is still wet but I guess it’s appropriate to wear a cap if it’s cute.

After swimming, I had plans of finally hitting a spin class.  Finally. And you know what. It sucked. So much.  I talked to the instructor before class and told her I hadn’t taken a spin class in over a year and said I wasn’t too sure of what I was doing. It was a small class – like 5 people – so it shouldn’t have been too hard for her to be nice or helpful. I guess it was.  I got myself situated on the bike and then class started. We warmed up by riding standing up, which seemed weird but whatever. Then we got this gem “Don’t be lazy. Your resistance shouldn’t drop below 10.” Um.. ok. I’m not being lazy but standing up on the bike is actually making my back hurt.  So we sat down and pedaled for about 30 seconds before getting back up. No instructions. Just pedal. I lasted 10 minutes (almost all of that was spent standing up) before I decided that it was complete torture and I bailed and went to the bikes outside of the classroom and rode for another 30 minutes.

Biking hills in the gym

I set the bike to random hills and feel like I got my butt kicked sufficiently – and without feeling like a lazy idiot.   And after all that working out, I came home and made Hershey’s Kiss covered pretzels topped with holiday M&Ms.  Everything feels right in the world where there’s chocolate covered pretzels.

These were totally not my dinner. I also had clementines. So it was healthy.

Today, I’m taking a needed rest day.  The BF and I are going to head to the movies to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and eat Mexican food.  I love long weekends.

Are you doing any holiday baking? What have you made?


6 Responses to A Rainy Run and the World’s Worst Spin Class
  1. Sarah
    December 23, 2011 | 10:28 am

    I’m still sad we missed eachother on wed.

    I didn’t wear a swim cap for the longest time because I thought it was pointless as well. Now I wear one and it just helps keep my hair out of the way so I guess it is doing something.

    Also your cookies look really good.
    Sarah recently posted..5 Things Friday and Happy Holidays!My Profile

  2. Steph @321delish
    December 23, 2011 | 1:55 pm

    I love those pretzel things! Sweet + salty deliciousness!

    Sorry your spin class sucked…where was it? I went to one at LA fitness last Monday, and the instructor was great! She was really good at explaining everything before we started. Unfortunately, she’s like 8 months pregnant and about to bust open, so her last class is this Monday. I went to a class once and the instructor played HORRIBLE music. Like Enja or some wordless yoga music…I had to walk out. I was NOT motivated at all.
    Steph @321delish recently posted..Steph’s Big NewsMy Profile

  3. Shannon @ Mon Amour
    December 23, 2011 | 2:31 pm

    I hate when instructors aren’t helpful, especially when you specifically tell them you need help.

    I really want to see that movie! Did you read the book?
    Shannon @ Mon Amour recently posted..Running With A DogMy Profile

  4. AlexandraFunFit
    December 24, 2011 | 3:17 pm

    I get so frustrated when I hear of bad group exercise class experiences. Our whole industry looks bad when one teacher doesn’t do her (his) best. I train hundreds of new instructors and they know my lecture about how the art is more important than the science. If the teacher doesn’t know how to reach out to people, especially new ones, all her knowledge is useless. I hope you try again with a different instructor!
    AlexandraFunFit recently posted..Power Walk with the Butterflies in Santa BarbaraMy Profile

  5. sugarmagnolia70
    December 24, 2011 | 3:21 pm

    I don’t think the purpose of a swim cap is to keep your hair dry…I think it’s to keep hair out of your face, keep it from clogging the pool drain, and make you more aerodynamic. I forgot mine once and hated how my hair swished in my face. Glad you got one! Happy Holidays!
    sugarmagnolia70 recently posted..My Bike MakeoverMy Profile

  6. A
    December 30, 2011 | 1:29 pm

    those pretzels look amazing. please e-mail me the recipe?
    A recently posted..Low-Fat Oatmeal MuffinsMy Profile

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