Divine Intervention

Lately, I’ve been running less because I’ve been having a problem with my sciatic nerve causing some leg pain and foot numbness.  After initially diagnosing myself with all kinds of horrible diseases via WebMD, I’m pretty sure it’s due to piriformis issues and I’m not stressing and just trying to rest from anything that’s high impact. The beauty of swearing off races for awhile is that it totally doesn’t matter if you’re running or not.


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 I decided a good way to still get in good cardio that makes me really tired is to swim.  My gym has the tiniest little pool with 4 incredibly narrow lines (bright side: there’s no way to share lanes because there’s barely room for one person in each!).  When I got to the pool on Tuesday night all 4 lanes were occupied so I sat on the edge of the hot tub and waited for one to free up.  And when one did, and I decided to stand up and walk over to it, I slipped and slammed my foot into the side of the weird little machine that is used to lower elderly/handicapped folks into the pool (the machine is only weird because I’ve never seen it used and actually never noticed it until I walked into it).

That was seriously the most horrible pain ever.  ALL BOLD ALL CAPS EVERRRR! I screamed and hobbled my way to the edge of the pool and used my towel to stop the bleeding. And then decided to just swim for awhile because surely the cold water would make everything feel better.  So I swam about 400 meters before deciding midlap to try to move my toes and I screamed so loud and choked on a bunch of water.


I think I made it through 850 total before hobbling out of the pool.  On the way out, I happened to look at the little chair lift thing and oh great, it’s totally covered in rust on the bottom (I guess I’ve never seen it used because it’s actually never used).  Score one for this getting even worse.  Let’s recap: my foot hurt so I decided to do some zero impact activity in which I managed to possibly break my big toe, cut my foot open, and possibly contract tetanus. 

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So now I’m heading off for a tetanus shot today, which I needed anyway. I don’t think I’ve had one since heading off to college about a million years ago.  Perhaps, it’s time to take a page from the Bloggess and just wait for the invention of a machine that exercises for me….because this seems like a clear sign that someone wants me to sit on my butt and be lazy for awhile. Right? Right? Anyone?

What’s the most ridiculous way you’ve injured yourself?

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